Terms and Conditions

IIFL Securities Limited (hereinafter referred to as IIFL) provides for “Do It Yourself “concept of internet trading thereby reducing the hassle of paperwork for on boarding client and providing paperless and seamless services to its clients. IIFL has prescribed certain online product features, eligibility criteria and terms and conditions which the client should understand and aware, before opening trading and demat account through the website of IIFL. The Client is required to go through each and every condition as mentioned below and validate if he/she is eligible to open account with IIFL. If all terms and conditions are acceptable to the client, he/she should mark in I agree and accept column in order to open trading and demat account. Following are some of the unique features of the online product on offer by IIFL;

Product Features

  1. The product being offered is completely on online, where by client would be able to trade online and experience the other services provided by IIFL online terminal and/or through mobile application. Further, the online terminal and mobile application also allows the client modify the service request for various alerts/ communication, pay-out requests, settlement frequency etc.
  2. This facility is currently available for opening Resident Individual broking and demat account only. Please note Non Individual and NRIs cannot open broking and demat account through this facility.
  3. The client is required to upload all documents, records etc. which shall be verified with the originals / authenticated as per prevailing regulatory guidelines as stipulated in Know Your Client documents and make payment via online mode through his registered Bank Account in order to open account.
  4. In case the documents submitted along with the application do not comply with the KYC guidelines of IIFL, the application is liable to be rejected and IIFL will not be liable to refund the Account opening fees and any interest on the amount.
  5. IIFL shall reject the application if it is found that the client is barred from trading or any investigation from SEBI or any other regulatory authorities is pending against the said client, decision taken by IIFL shall be final and binding upon the client. IIFL does not guarantee the account opening form submitted by the client shall be duly accepted as the company reserves its right to reject account opening application of the client without assigning any reason.
  6. The account will be opened in the same combination as provided in the Account Opening Form by the Customer or may be updated as per the details updated with UIDAI (Aadhar) or with KRA. The client shall verify the data fetched through KRA / UIDAI database and confirm that data available is true, correct and updated. The client is responsible to intimate any changes or modification in the details fetched to IIFL, along-with necessary documentary evidence.
  7. The Client shall be required to affix his own digital signature / e-sign at the relevant pages of account opening form so as to enable IIFL to open the said account.
  8. The margin trading funding (MTF) will be provided as bundled offering along-with the activation for trading in Cash Market. The client would acquaint themselves with the terms and conditions of Margin Trading Funding provided by IIFL. The client hereby agrees to be bind by such provisions as outlined in these documents and act in accordance with the same while availing the margin trading funding. The client hereby undertake to refer to the updated policies and procedure as posted on IIFL Securities website and abide by the same.
  9. Account Number/ Login Id/ User Id
  10. Login Confidentiality: The Client agree and confirm that any instructions set via online trading account, which requires client to enter login credentials is known only to client and no other person. Client must not share trading / demat account details/login credentials with any other person. The client shall be wholly responsible in case the login credentials are compromised and shared with any person. IIFL or any of its agents or employees, will not ask for any login details or Passwords from you in any manner whatsoever.
  11. All the communication such as confirmation of orders/trades, margin calls, decisions/calls to liquidate the collateral/ positions / security, ECN (Electronic Contract Notes), DP Transaction cum Holding statements and such other statements pertaining to Equity and Demat Operations and services including alerts, e-newsletter and promotional mails etc. would be send on the registered email address or registered mobile number with IIFL.

Authorization and Acknowledgement

The client hereby understands and acknowledge that by agreeing to enter into Client-Broker relationship with IIFL Securities Limited, he would have access to product uniqueness and features only if the following conditions are met: